Lenses from Crowfoot Vision Centre in Calgary

At Crowfoot Vision Centre we know that a good frame is nothing without quality lenses. Let our professional team guide you through the process of choosing the lenses that will look great and offer you unparalleled vision.

There are so many different lifestyles in our busy community and we offer lenses that will aid you in all of your different activities, including:

  • Driving
  • Reading
  • Sports shooting
  • Sunglasses
  • Alpine hiking, climbing & mountaineering
  • Computer usage
  • Water sports
  • Work safety
  • Skiing & snowboarding
  • Racquet sports

Progressive lenses are ideal for distance, computer and reading vision. Transition or photochromatic lenses remain clear indoors and darken when exposed to outdoor conditions. Polarized sunglass lenses greatly reduce glare encountered on the road, snow or water.

We Are Here to Help You

Our team of professionals is trained to assist you in deciding what type of lens materials will function best in your glasses. Our lenses can provide superior optics, be thin and lightweight as well as durable and impact resistant.

We can help you choose the coatings for your lenses which will make your lenses as easy to clean as possible. These coatings can offer the best available scratch resistance and anti-reflective treatments to help reduce glare while driving at night, from fluorescent lighting, and even from your computer monitor.

Whether it’s your first pair of glasses or your fiftieth, Crowfoot Vision Centre can provide you with all the answers to the often complicated questions you may have about the vast array of lens options available to you.

Crowfoot Vision Centre is proud to offer premium Nikon Lenses to our patients. Check out the links below for further information on the lenses we offer.

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