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Although any kind of eye injury sounds scary and painful, before you panic and wrestle between personal and professional commitments, consider the possibility that not all eye injuries require emergency attention. In fact, with basic care and the right first-aid, you may be able to prevent and address a minor injury, before you make an appointment with an eye doctor.

Common Eye Injures and Corrective Measures

The best way to handle eye injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Remember to wear safety glasses, sports-specific eyewear, or other activity-specific safety gear that helps to protect your eyes and minimize the chances of injuries. Invest in quality eyewear that serves its purpose and safeguards your eyes, instead of being lured by deals and bargain offers for cheap glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. Despite these measures, if an eye injury occurs, follow this quick guide to determine your next steps: 

  • Blow to the Eye: If your eye has been struck by a hard object such as a rock, ball or fist blow, it could damage not just your eye, but also your eyelid and the surrounding muscles and bones. If the injury is mild, you will have a bruised or blackened eye or a swollen eyelid. Use a cold compress for immediate relief and ice the area for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, repeating this for several hours. This will curtail and bring down the swelling and make your eye less puffy. If the blow is severe or you notice bleeding inside the eye, go to your nearest emergency room at the earliest. 
  • Cut or Scratch: If a foreign object accidentally gets into your eye, your natural response is to blink and weep till the object gets dislodged. This is possible due to an accidental slip, where your own finger gets into your eye, or items such as sand, metal shavings, glass pieces or wood chips enter the eye and cause a scratch or cut to your cornea. You may experience symptoms such as blurred vision, pain, redness, or light sensitivity and a persistent poking sensation until the cornea heals on its own. If your scratch is deeper it can cause long term issues, hence you must visit an optometrist as soon as possible. 
  • Chemical Burns: Most of us have experienced that slight burning sensation when shampoo, creams, or makeup accidentally get into the eyes. The chlorine in your swimming pool or harmful vapours from paints may also cause similar irritation and redness. These are minor chemical burns that can be treated by splashing your eyes with a steady stream of water for about fifteen minutes. However, if you accidentally splash alkaline items, such as oven or drain cleaners or fertilizers into your eye, they can permanently damage your optical tissues and even cause blindness. Go to an eye doctor or an emergency room immediately and let them know what substance got into your eyes, how long it has been since, and the steps that you have taken so far. 
  • Eye Bleeding: Sometimes a minor blow to the eye may cause one or more blood vessels to break, resulting in a blood spill into the white portion of the eye. Your eye may look a scary bloodshot red, but this is not a harmful condition. Known as subconjunctival hemorrhage, this injury is actually painless, self-healing and not a threat to your vision. In a few days, the leaked blood will clear out on its own and your eye will return to normal.

When it comes to ocular injuries, timely care will protect your eyesight and prevent any long-term or permanent damage. For major injuries, contact your eye care practitioner, or rush to the nearest emergency room and seek immediate attention. However, even if your eye injury was minor and has healed, do not wait until your next annual eye exam. Schedule an eye checkup with your nearest Calgary optometrists at Crowfoot Vision and let our eye doctors conduct a thorough checkup to rule out any lingering threats or potential issues. Do not wait! 

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