Tips for Taking Care of Your New Prescription Glasses

Eye glasses take some getting used to. Whether they are your first pair of prescription glasses or just a different style than your last pair, there can be an adjustment period before you start feeling comfortable in your new frames and lenses. From catching your reflection to adjusting your vision, most people require a few days to get used to the sensation of wearing glasses.

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Prescription Eye Glasses

Follow these easy tips for ensuring your new glasses last long, look great, and function properly:

Clean Your New Eyeglasses:

Sweat, dust, debris, sprays, and grease come in contact with your glasses every day, so they need to be cleaned regularly. You will be able to continue seeing clearly by including eye glass cleaning in your daily routine. You may have to clean them more often depending on your lifestyle. Talk to your optometrist in Calgary about a good quality eye glasses cleaner and cloth to make the job fast, easy and effective. 

Handle Your New Glasses with Care:

Buy a case for your glasses so they are kept in a safe place when you are not wearing them. Accidents happen, but they happen less when you are prepared. You should also take care when putting on or removing your glasses. Use two hands so that the arms of your glasses are not exposed to uneven and unnecessary wear and tear. 

Note Any Discomfort When Wearing Your New Eyeglasses:

Taking more than a few days to adjust? If you spend longer than a week getting used to your new eye glasses, there may be an issue with the prescription or fit. If you are a first-time user, you may notice that small irritations persist, like discomfort around the bridge of your nose, for example. If there is real and long-lasting discomfort, though, it is important to contact your optometrist in Calgary to adjust the fit of the frames or prescription of the lens.

Schedule Eyeglasses Adjustments:

After a few months, especially if you lead an active lifestyle or aren’t particularly careful with your frames, the fit of your glasses can change. These changes may occur gradually, but they may become less comfortable and functional. If you find yourself subconsciously adjusting the arms or pushing them back into place on the bridge of your nose, it may be time for an adjustment. Visit your local optometry centre in Calgary for a quick and customized adjustment. 

Schedule Your Eye Exam or Eyeglasses Adjustments in Calgary

Whether you have a new prescription, think it is time for your child’s first pair of glasses, or need to update an outdated pair of eyeglasses, Crowfoot Vision Centre has a wide variety of styles. From eye exams to frame adjustments, our friendly team is here to support your vision and eye health.

Crowfoot Vision Centre can answer your questions and help you find the perfect pair of prescription glasses. Call our Calgary optometrist office at 403-241-3000 to book an appointment or contact us online to find out more about our selection of glasses.

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