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Digital retinal imaging is a fairly recent advancement that we now incorporate into routine eye exams at Crowfoot Vision Centre. This allows our eye doctors to take a snapshot of your retina to be used for comparisons at future exams to detect or track the progress of any changes in your eyes. These changes can be attributed to high blood pressure, hypertension or even diabetes. If you have already been diagnosed with these conditions, please inform your eye doctor so we can help you protect your vision health; if you have not been diagnosed, we might be able to alert you to symptoms you are unaware of – but which are showing up in your eye exam.

You might have already had a similar exam done at your previous Ranchlands eye doctor. Calgary’s own Crowfoot Vision Centre uses the newest technology available to make this exam simpler. In previous years, you would need to dilate your eyes, but this is typically not a necessity. We are committed to bringing our Calgary patients the most accurate and proven technology to help you maintain your vision health and overall wellness.

Family Eye Exams in Calgary

Get the whole family together to get their eyes checked. Regular eye exams keep you looking, and seeing, your best and we are always accepting new clients. Contact us today on our eform or by phone to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions on digital retinal imaging or other services please let us know.

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