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See Clearly: Visit A NW Calgary Optometrist At Crowfoot Vision Centre

Here at Crowfoot Vision Centre, our optometrists take service to a higher level. We want you to know that no matter your age or budget, comprehensive eye health is within your reach. See clearly again with our multifaceted services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Eye Care at Crowfoot Vision Centre - Calgary Eye Clinic

Best Comprehensive Eye Exams in Calgary, AB

There’s nothing more precious than the gift of sight, so we offer the most comprehensive vision exams available. Additionally, eye exams in Calgary for youth under 19 and seniors over 65 are free of charge with a valid Alberta health care plan.

Here are a few things we target in our exams:

  • Glaucoma testing and management that helps protect ongoing eye health
  • Age-related macular degeneration testing/monitoring
  • Cataract evaluations and recommendations
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) testing that provides specialized, 3D images of the eye
  • Digital retinal imaging OPTOS for the most precise prescription possible
  • Eye infection treatment
  • Foreign body removals
  • Pre and post-operative laser surgery assessments
  • Dry eye therapy

Whatever your optical concern, our capable optometrists in Calgary combine their skills with the ultimate optical technology to assess and correct problems.

Eye Care Calgary at Crowfoot Vision Centre - Optometrist

Prevent Ocular Disease With A Comprehensive Eye Exam In Calgary

When it comes to your ocular health, early detection can make all the difference. Conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy can all benefit from early treatment and the best way to detect them is by getting regular eye exams in Calgary from Crowfoot Vision Centre. Just as important as checkups with a general physician, a comprehensive eye exam with one of our experienced optometrists is the best way to ensure your eyes and your general health get the care they need.

    • Binocular Vision Assessment

    Problems with the muscles in your eyes could disrupt your eye coordination, causing double vision or crossed eyes (strabismus). The optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre will assess the strength and coordination of the muscles associated with your vision.

    • Retinoscopy

    While the doctor shines a light into your eyes, he or she will use a phoropter or a refractor, while you look at an object, to see how your eyes reflect light. This test confirms the prescription that the visual acuity test predicted.

    • Ocular Health Assessment

    The doctor will look at your eyelids, eyes, and pupils to make sure everything looks healthy and works properly. If the doctor has a concern about the health of your eyes, he or she will perform the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment.

    To get a closer look at the physical condition of the inside of your eye, the optometrist can dilate your pupils, take a digital retinal photograph, and/or take an optical coherence tomography image of your eyes.  We use the Optos California, a sophisticated hardware technology for retinal imaging that enables us to see more, discover more and effectively treat more ocular pathology to promote your overall health..

    • Visual Acuity Test

    This test is the one you usually associate with eye exams in Calgary when you look at a chart with letters that get smaller and smaller as you go down. First one eye is tested, then the other. This determines how well you can see at different distances. If you have trouble seeing up close or far distances, you may need glasses or contacts to correct your vision.

At Crowfoot Vision Centre, we care—and we show it! We’re confident you’ll agree. Book an appointment with us today or call us at (403) 241-3000 if you have any further questions about our services.

    • Eye Wear Products

    Whether you’re looking for contact lenses or glasses, we have the product that fits your needs. It only takes a glance through our amazing frame styles to know that Crowfoot Vision Centre helps you stay at the forefront of eyewear fashion.

    Here are a few things you can expect to gain from our products and services:

    • Find a precise fit and instruction for multiple types of contact lenses
    • Choose glasses that work for any eye prescription, simple or complicated
    • Get specialized options, like our OVC and safety glasses
    • Enjoy designer frame styles that are second to none
    • Find a full array of sunglasses for every need
    • Get a lifetime of free service (optical repairs and adjustments) on all our glasses and sunglasses
    • Community Optometry

    You’ll get more than just a great Calgary optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre. We also offer programs to the wider community, as well as an array of patient perks that show you just how much we care:

    • Take advantage of our Eye See… Eye Learn® program that offers free glasses to E.C.S. children
    • Learn more about how we work with AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) patients
    • Ask about our targeted social services (First Nations Affairs, Veterans’ Affairs, police services)
    • Feel satisfied that you’re being loyal to a company that supports local teams in curling, soccer, hockey, and more
    • RCMP and Police applicants’ ocular health assessments

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