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What Kind Of Lens Material Suits You Best? Try Progressive Lenses In Calgary

At Crowfoot Vision Centre, we know that a good frame is nothing without quality lenses. Let our professional team guide you through the process of choosing the lenses that will look great and offer you unparalleled vision. Different lenses, like progressive contact lenses and polarized lenses, can help with different conditions, such as cataracts and presbyopia. When you choose Crowfoot Vision Centre to help you select your glasses, our eye doctors in Calgary will be able to help you determine the perfect frames and lenses that will accentuate your facial features and meet the demands of your lifestyle. Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or you’re more interested in reading inside, Crowfoot Vision Centre has the lenses you need to see with clarity.

Choose Your Progressive Contact Lenses Wisely

There are so many different lifestyles in our busy community, which is why we offer progressive contact lenses that will aid you in all of your different activities. Each different type of lens offers benefits for various eye conditions and lifestyles, so we’ve outlined some key points about our lenses below.

  • Progressive Lenses in Calgary

    Presbyopia is a condition where your near vision decreases. Progressive lenses in Calgary are perfect if you have presbyopia, as they allow you to see both near and far with ease. Progressive lenses are multifocal, which means they have added magnifying power for far, intermediate, and near vision. These progressive contact lenses add to your visual comfort because of their gentle transition between magnifications. Progressive lenses are perfect for distance, computer, and reading vision, which means they will help you see better if you drive, read, or use the computer a lot in your daily life. They are also good for outdoor activities like racquet sports and sports shooting.

  • Transition Or Photochromic Progressive Lenses:

    Uniquely designed to protect your eyes from the sun and harsh artificial light, photochromic progressive lenses contain special dyes that cause them to darken on exposure to specific types of light. This allows them to protect your eyes from the sun and improve your vision in all light conditions, making them perfect for your outdoor activities such as alpine hiking, climbing, and mountaineering.

  • Polarized Sunglass Lenses:

    Long term exposure to glare can cause problems with your eyes, such as cataracts. One way to reduce your chances of developing such problems is with polarized sunglass lenses. Using a chemical filter, polarized lenses shield your eyes against the dangers of intense glare by absorbing horizontal light waves. This greatly reduces the glare you encounter on the road, snow or water, making them perfect for activities such as skiing, snowboarding and water sports.

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