Our Silver Springs Eye Doctors in Calgary

The Silver Springs eye doctor in Calgary at Crowfoot Vision Centre is committed to improving Albertans eye health. With friendly services and comprehensive eye exams, we protect our patient’s eyes by finding early warning signs for eye conditions and diseases. We offer eye tests such as retinoscopy, visual acuity tests, binocular vision assessment, and ocular health assessment. Our optometrists also offer free eye exams to both seniors and children. It is important to get routine checkups no matter what your age is to keep you vision sharp.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Silver Springs, Calgary

During an eye exam, you might need to get your pupils dilated. When you pupils are dilated, your eye doctor can then see your eye’s internal structures. By checking your retinas, your eye doctor can detect eye diseases and conditions at their early stages. The drops that are used to dilate your pupils will typically last past your eye exam. Silver Springs, Calgary patients should wear sunglasses to avoid damaging their eyes after leaving our office. The dilating drops will usually only last for 5 hours and vision should return to normal. Speak with our local vision office to set an appointment for your next eye exam.

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