Stave Off Disease with a Comprehensive Eye Exam in Calgary

Regular eye exams in Calgary are just as important as checkups with your general doctor or dentist. Early detection can make all the difference in conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy.

When you come to Crowfoot Vision Centre for an eye exam, we give you our full attention to ensure your eyes get the best care.

What to Expect During Eye Exams in Calgary

Our exams include several tests to make sure your eyes are healthy and disease-free.

Binocular Vision Assessment

Problems with the muscles in your eyes could disrupt your eye coordination, causing double vision or crossed eyes (strabismus). The optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre will assess the strength and coordination of the muscles associated with your vision.

Ocular Health Assessment

The doctor will look at your eyelids, eyes, and pupils to make sure everything looks healthy and works properly. If the doctor has a concern about the health of your eyes, he or she will perform the necessary tests for diagnosis and treatment.

To get a closer look at the physical condition of the inside of your eye, the optometrist can dilate your pupils, take a digital retinal photograph, and/or take a optical coherence tomography image of your eyes.


While the doctor shines a light into your eyes, he or she will use a phoropter or a refractor, while you look at an object, to see how your eyes reflect light. This test confirms the prescription that the visual acuity test predicted.

Visual Acuity Test

This test is the one you usually associate with eye exams, when you look at a chart with letters that get smaller and smaller as you go down. First one eye is tested, then the other. This determines how well you can see at different distances. If you have trouble seeing up close or far distances, you may need glasses or contacts to correct your vision.

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Protect your eyes from disease and see the world more clearly. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam in Calgary at 403-241-3000.

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