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Your vision is too valuable an asset to be taken for granted. See the world clearly with prescription eyeglasses in NW Calgary. At Crowfoot Vision Centre, our QUALIFIED CALGARY OPTOMETRISTS will prescribe you a set of lenses that will give you crystal clear vision.

Once you have your prescription, choose a set of stylish eyeglasses that suit your sense of style. Remember the eyewear you choose will be something you wear almost every day. That’s why it’s important to find glasses that not only fit your budget, but complement your style and personality. Visit Crowfoot Vision Centre - Eye Clinic in Calgary, AB to browse our wide selection of designer frames.

Prescription Glasses Frames That Suit Your Face

You can confidently disregard expert fashion advice in pursuit of your own personal style (and we support free spirits), or you can use these tips to suit your new glasses frames to your face shape.


For those with balanced features and a narrower chin, you’re the lucky few! All frame shapes complement your face. You might like how more geometric shapes like rectangle, cat-eye, and square-framed glasses add a little edge to your smooth curves.


If you have a narrow chin and broad forehead, you will look better in styles that provide balance to your face. Experiment with styles that are wider at the bottom of the frame or softer at the top. Butterfly or round glasses can provide a strong base for your face shape.


If your face is just as wide as it is long and it follows a smooth circular curve, you could benefit from angular frames. Styles like cat-eye, square, and rectangle provide a contrast to your curves without overwhelming your dainty features.


For people blessed with strong angles in their jaw, forehead, and cheeks, softer shapes are a good contrast to their strong features. Try balancing your strength with soft shapes like oval frames. If you choose frames that are wider than the widest part of your face, you can enhance the effect.

  • Designer Glasses For Calgary Patients

    For the fashionista in you, our eyewear experts have handpicked quality labels. Our eyewear collection includes everything from designer brands like Burberry and Versace to high-performance sports frames like Oakley that won’t interfere with your active lifestyle. We understand that each individual’s style is unique and therefore believe your eyewear should be an extension of your look. At Crowfoot Vision Centre, we guarantee you’ll find a pair of glasses in Calgary that will match your taste. Check out the brands we offer to find the style that suits you best.

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