Common Eye Ailments and When to See Your Calgary Eye Doctors

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a minor irritation and a major symptom, especially when it comes to your eyes. From seasonal allergies to accidental scratches and gradual vision changes, eye problems are not the most straightforward to diagnose. A little information goes a long way though, so read below to learn more about common eye ailments.

What’s the best way to ensure good eye health? Be sure not to skip your annual appointment with the optometrist. A vision care professional will be able to monitor any vision changes and provide preventative care and treatment so that small symptoms don’t turn into bigger problems.

Three Common Eye Ailment Symptoms—Know When It’s Time Visit Your Optometrist

Here are three common eye concerns to look out for in your own eyes and your children’s:

Nearsightedness and Farsightedness

If your child complains about having difficulty reading the board in their classroom, reading a book, or other sight-related issues, bring them to your eye doctor in NE Calgary. Headaches, squinting, and frowning are other signs that can indicate difficulty seeing objects near or far for you. People of all ages can experience changes in their vision, so take note of your own symptoms and educate your children about their eyes.

Conjunctivitis or “Pink Eye”

Pink eye is characterised by eyes that appear pink or red and feel gritty or itchy. Many people also experience discharge, especially at night, and awake with crusty eyes. The infection may be bacterial or viral and is very contagious for up to two weeks after being contracted. If it is a bacterial infection, you can visit your optometrist or doctor for antibiotic eye drops or ointment. Viral infections and those caused by chemical irritants must be left to run their course. Ask your optometrist about treatments and tips to minimize any itchiness or discomfort you experience.

Dry Eyes

People who experience dry eyes know that it can be extremely uncomfortable and become a constant distraction in their daily lives and interactions. Some people develop mild symptoms after staring at a computer screen for a long time or being in dry climates. Others develop the condition due to old age, medical conditions such as diabetes, medications, or damage to tear glands. If over-the-counter products like eye drops don’t alleviate your symptoms and they persist for more than a few days, it is important to see an eye doctor. If your dry eyes are accompanied by any vision troubles, you should also contact your optometry clinic right away.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above or have other concerns about the health of your eyes, contact our optometry clinic in Calgary today. Crowfoot Vision Centre can provide a thorough and professional checkup and determine the cause and solution for your eye troubles. No symptoms? Don’t forget to schedule an annual appointment with your eye doctor to maintain your vision and health.

Call us at 403-241-3000 to schedule an eye exam or contact us online to ask questions about your eye ailment.

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