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Allergies manifest in a variety of different ways from person to person, but many people will agree that some of the most bothersome allergic reactions are those that affect the eyes. Itchy, watery, and swollen eyes are experienced by many Calgarians during the fall ragweed season. Eye allergies are not only annoying, but they can make it difficult to see and give you a hard time falling asleep. Here are four tips that can help you find relief from eye allergies in the fall:

  1. Use a Cold Compress
    A cold compress is a popular remedy for eye allergies, as it can quickly reduce itching and visible swelling. Applying a cold compress is a great quick fix if you need to head out and are worried about the appearance of your eyes.
  2. Clean and Change Your Home’s Air Filters
    Your home can act as a safe haven from the ragweed pollen floating around outside, but only if it isn't being allowed in by dirty or old air filters. If you are highly sensitive to allergens, then you should regularly be cleaning and changing your air conditioner and furnace filters.
  3. Try an Over-the-Counter Antihistamine
    Over-the-counter antihistamines in the form of eye drops or oral tablets can work very effectively in some people. Eye drops especially can provide the quick relief you need before going to work, school, or meeting up with friends. Make sure you always follow the instructions on the bottle.
  4. Visit a Calgary Eye Centre
    Even if you find an over-the-counter antihistamine that seems to work for you, you should still visit an optometrist to make sure that you are using it right and to see if they might be able to provide you with something better-suited for your specific needs. It is also a good idea to visit an eye doctor in order to make sure that your symptoms are actually being caused by allergies and not by an eye infection.

If you live in NW Calgary and are tired of dealing with itchy, swollen, and watery eyes during the fall, then come see the optometrists at the Crowfoot Vision Centre in Arbour Lake. We'll work together to figure out the best strategy for keeping your eyes healthy and clear by keeping your allergies at bay.