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It may seem like a simple thing, but even people who have been wearing eyeglasses for years can have trouble getting them really, truly clean. Wiping the lenses on your shirt can be an acceptable short-term solution when you are out of the house, but it won’t really clear the grime that can build up over time. The good news is that, proper cleansing is not difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. Follow the tips below to see clearly through your prescription eye glasses.

If you are new to wearing glasses or are looking for tips to maintain your current frames and lenses, visit the professionals at your Calgary optometry centre. We have a variety of stylish frames and years of experience helping people with prescription eye glasses get the most longevity and best performance from their eyewear.


Try these three techniques or speak with your eye doctor in Calgary during your next eye exam for more tips:

  • Dish Soap and Water – Sometimes, simplifying can yield the best results. Run your glasses under some warm water and use a mild dish soap that is not citric-based. You can use your fingertips or a cotton or soft cloth and clean with circular motions. Dry using a soft cotton garment that is clean and has no lint. This method will effectively remove dust, debris, and oils that can build up over time. Don’t forget to gently clean nose pads and the frames, especially the arms.
  • Dunking – You will need the same materials as above, but this method is slightly different. Fill a sink with warm water and dish soap and move your glasses around in the sink. Rinse the glasses of any leftover suds on both sides of the lenses and all areas of the frame. When drying, take your cloth and clean both sides of the lens by folding the cloth in half and drying in a circular motion with your thumb and index finger.
  • On the Go – Keep a smooth, clean cloth stored in a safe container in your bag or purse. Be sure it has its own container to keep away lint and other dust. Moisten the cloth if necessary and use a fine cloth to properly dry the lenses.

Interested in more tips to properly care for your eye glasses or contact lenses? Crowfoot Vision Centre offers comprehensive eye exams and treatment options for patients of all ages and all levels of eye health. Book your annual appointment with one of our optometrists in Calgary or stop by our optometry centre to find out more about our services.

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