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At one time glasses only came with black moulded plastic frames – if you were a woman you could get a rhinestone in the corners. Times have changed with designer frames, different materials and features, as well as shapes to match every face imaginable, making them not only great vision support tools, but stylish accessories to today’s modern lifestyles.

At Crowfoot Vision Centre in Calgary, our qualified optometrists prescribe a set of lenses that will give you crystal clear vision – then let your fashion imagination run wild, our eyewear collection includes everything from imported designer frames to high-performance sports frames to suit your sense of style. To protect your vision now and in the future, you can also invest in a pair of quality sunglasses: our sunglasses block 99–100 percent of UV radiation; sunglass lenses are available in nearly every prescription; polarized lenses protect against glare, bring out colours, making the world look sharp and vibrant; and Transition or photochromatic lenses combine the best of both worlds with lenses that darken when you move into bright light.

When it comes to choosing the right frame style and shape for your face, here are a few items to remember:

  • Contrast - your frame should contrast the shape of your face;
  • Proportion - you want your frames to be in proportion with the rest of your face. Sunglasses tend to be larger for greater coverage;
  • Color – one that compliments your face and hair; and,
  • Face shape - heart, square, narrow, oval, or trapezoidal shapes so you want to make sure the ones you get are as flattering as possible.

Here’s how the various face shapes translate into suitable frame styles:

  • Heart-Shaped Faces - a narrow jaw line and broader forehead - experiment with aviators and rimless styles because they keep the face from looking too top-heavy. Butterfly or round glasses can provide a strong base for your face shape.
  • Square-Shaped Faces - strong angles in your jaw, forehead, and cheeks, narrower oval and rectangular frame styles with rounded edges are great for softening a strong, square jaw and lengthening the face. Frames that are wider than the widest part of your face can enhance the effect.
  • Narrow Faces – try taller, squared-off, or more circular frames to help balance out your features. Also look for glasses with thicker arms or decorative details at the temples, since they will draw attention to the sides of your face and make it appear broader.
  • Round Faces - as wide as it is long, then you could benefit from angular frames to help elongate the face and a contrasting bridge makes the eyes look farther apart. Styles like cat-eye, square, and rectangle provide a contrast to your curves.
  • Oval Faces - the lucky few with balanced features and a narrower chin, all frame shapes complement your face. Look for styles that are thicker or darker on the top than the bottom, or try a butterfly style, which wings up and out slightly at the top.
  • Trapezoidal Faces - wider on the bottom, try a half-rim style or a dramatic cat eye to bring attention up and balance out your jaw line.

For more information on the right frames, customized lenses or a comprehensive ocular health and vision exam for you or your whole family, contact Crowfoot Vision Centre at (403) 241-3000 today.