Eye Exams in Calgary: When to Book and What to Expect

Eye exams are a crucial part of taking care of your vision today and in the future. From gradual changes to big shifts, a thorough eye exam in Calgary by a professional optometrist will be able to identify and track the health of your eyes.

What You Need to Know About Your Eye Exam in Calgary

Here are a few things to consider before booking and attending your family’s eye exam:

  • When to Bring Children: Your child should have their first eye examination at 6 months old to ensure there are no developmental issues or delays. Another visit to the optometrist should be made when they are at age 3. They should also come to our Calgary optometry centre before they start first grade, to monitor their vision, eye control and overall eye health. 
  • Schedule Your Annual Visit: Teens and adults should begin scheduling an eye examination every year. This is important for tracking the health of your eyes and getting timely treatment or preventative advice about your internal and external eye health. Not all problems have immediate symptoms, so a professional assessment is crucial for early diagnosis. Schedule ahead of time if you are prone to forget.
  • Ask and Answer Questions: Your eye doctor will ask you questions about your eyes and lifestyle. They will perform tests to understand the quality of your vision. Many of these tests require you to answer questions, identify images, and compare and rate the visibility of different images.
  • Tests and Exams: Your optometrist will perform numerous tests over the course of your appointment, which usually lasts up to an hour. They will check your overall vision, depth perception, colour vision, and may temporarily dilate your pupils to get a better look at your eye. An ophthalmoscope may be used to examine the inside of your eye and identify any conditions like diabetes, cataracts, or hypertension. The visual acuity test, familiar to most as ‘reading out the letters on a chart’, will also be conducted. The eye doctor may also perform a digital retinal exam to diagnose and help prevent eye conditions and diseases.

Schedule Your Eye Exam Today in Calgary

Book your eye examination in NE Calgary at Crowfoot Vision Centre for a full picture of your eye health. Our dedicated and experienced staff offers exams and treatment for the entire family and can answer your questions and concerns about your vision and eyes. From irritations like eye infections to vision problems or headaches, we can help you see clearly and feel your best. 

Contact Crowfoot Vision Centre at 403-241-3000 to schedule an eye exam or contact us online.

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