Fall Allergy Symptoms and Solutions — Advice from Your Calgary Optometry Centre

Suffering from any kind of allergy is difficult. You have to deal with restrictions on your activities, diet, and lifestyle in order to avoid flare ups and accommodate symptoms. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, certain times of year can become particularly unpleasant. While everyone else is talking about the beautiful fall foliage, you are blowing your nose and trying not to scratch your eyes. Don’t suffer and let this time of year become stuck in your memory for the wrong reasons! There are ways you can alleviate your symptoms and get back to enjoying gorgeous colours, seasonal vegetables and pumpkin-spiced treats.

Tips for Treating Allergy Symptoms in Calgary

Here are some ways you can combat those tiresome allergy symptoms:

  • Close the Windows: It can be tempting to allow more fresh air into the home as temperatures cool down, but inviting that breeze in will also bring pollen indoors, a.k.a. the cause of your allergies. Keep windows closed and run the air conditioning in your home and in the car to filter air and limit the amount of pollen you encounter.
  • Check Pollen Counts: Take a look at local pollen counts so you will know when you are facing a particularly bad day. Stay indoors as much as possible and consider taking an over-the-counter medication to relieve your symptoms.
  • Use Nasal Spray: If blowing your nose has become disruptive, tiring or downright painful, try a nasal spray, neti pot, or other salt-water solution to rinse away mucus. Plus, the rinse will wash away the pollen that is causing the irritation.
  • Talk to Your Optometrist: Itchy eyes are often one of the most bothersome symptoms. Tearing can impair vision and get in the way of your daily responsibilities, and the itchiness can feel unbearable. If this sounds familiar, talk to your eye doctor in NE Calgary about finding eye drops or another treatment option to give you relief.
    Talk to your eye doctor about dealing with the symptoms of hay fever or allergic rhinitis so you can see clearly and focus on the good things the season has to offer.

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Whether you need relief fast from uncomfortable allergy symptoms, or are overdue for your regular eye exam, the eye doctors at Crowfoot Vision Centre offer a range of eye care services to keep your eyes healthy and happy during every season. Visit us this fall to find solutions to any eye health issues or vision troubles you face.

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