Find the Perfect Pair of Frames for Your Face Shape

Looking for the perfect pair of glasses that will complement your face and amplify your confidence? There’s only one way to start: Look in the mirror! Once you’ve studied your face and can distinguish which face shape you have, the process of selecting frames is a cinch.

There are many different face shapes, and even more options in glasses frames to complement each shape. However, finding the pair best suited to your face – whether it’s round, oval, or square – can be a little tricky. To make this process easier to you, we’ve listed the four most prominent face shapes and the glasses that fit each to a tee.


Are your features balanced? Do you have a chin that is narrower than your forehead? You have an oval-shaped face. Consider yourself lucky – oval faces can pull off nearly any style and look great doing it. Since there is a curve in the midsection of your face, rectangular or square glasses might be the best way to create balance between the two halves of your face.


Is your face circular? Are the width and length equal? You’ve got a round-shaped face. In order to add structure and slim your face, you’ll want frames with major angles. To help create the illusion of an angular face, make sure the lenses you choose are wider than they are deep and go for styles that have darker frames. These features will add a “contoured” look that can be very effective at slimming.


Is your forehead broad while your chin is narrow? You have a heart-shaped face. Balance is something you’ll want to focus on when choosing glasses to complement your face. Try to find frames that widen at the bottom in order to draw attention away from the top of your face.


Are your forehead, cheeks, and jawline all well-defined and angular? You’ve got a square-shaped face. In order to bring out the best of your defined features, don’t choose glasses that have hard, direct lines. If you do, your face might end up looking a bit boxy. Instead, choose a frame that is wider than the widest part of your face – it’ll keep all things in balance and proper proportion.

Because glasses are usually worn on a daily basis, they have the unique ability to show off your individual style more than the clothes you wear. Think big and style bigger when it comes to dressing one of your most noticed and valued features: your eyes. Browse through the wide variety of frames we offer to see which will make you look your best.

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