Frame Your Face & Make a Statement with Your Glasses

The trend of using unique, statement eyewear to draw attention to the face and accent an outfit has been around for a couple of years now. 2014 is no different. Fashion Week 2014 saw bold and unique eyewear taking centre stage once again.

Design powerhouses like Gucci, Christian Dior and Dolce & Gabbana trotted out their models with major statement eyewear as key pieces of their wardrobe this season. Whether or not you need prescription lenses, statement eyewear is a must-have accessory.

Chunky Chic

Yes, bold and chunky is still in. Thick-rimmed, dark-framed glasses draw attention to your face in a hard-to-miss way. Luckily, chunky frames come in many styles so you’ll be able to find something that complements your face shape.

Oval face shapes can wear just about anything; however, heart- and square-shaped faces need something a bit wider at the top than the bottom. Round faces beg for angular frames.

Wear your chunky frames with lighter, flowing outfits and loose hair. Play the opposites game with bold and understated mixed together in one outfit.

Outlandish & Oversized

If your look is a lot more funky (and a lot less chunky), add some oversized frames to your accessories closet this season. These over-the-top frames can provide you with all the drama, but without the “geek-chic” thick rims.

The runways of Fashion Week 2014 displayed mostly neutral shades that balance the attention-grabbing size of the frames with an understated colour palette.

Every face shape can rock the exaggerated look, but round faces have to make sure to find more angular shapes to complement the face.

Colour & Detail

Bold prints and colours were featured throughout Fashion Week 2014, and glasses were no exception. You can get them in all colours of the rainbow. It’s all in the details these days.

Your frames are an expression of you. Let your glasses be the bright spot or splash of colour to liven things up. Little details on the brow line or stems add a bit of elegance, like the conversation piece to your outfit.

Consider your skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour when picking colours or details in your frames. Every skin type has two tones: cool (blue) or warm (yellow). Cool skin undertones go naturally with cool colours like blues, greens, or violets. If you’re a warm tone, go with reds, oranges, and yellows. The same principle goes for hair colour. Cool shades include strawberry blonde, blonde, black, white, and deep brown. Warm shades include golden blonde, brown with gold, and red.

Matching your frame colour to eye colour makes your eyes pop. It a great option to bring out your eyes especially if you have oversized or chunky frames.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Make a statement without saying a word. Stylish glasses not only look great but give you the chance to express yourself. Find the perfect pair today from Crowfoot Vision Centre.

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