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How Eyebrows and Eyelashes Help Your Vision | Crowfoot Vision Centre

Your Calgary Optometrists Discuss their Function and Care

From showing anger, irritation and confusion, to admiration, happiness and love, you express a range of emotions by simply moving your eyebrows or fluttering your eyelashes. Conventionally, these facial features have always been associated with beauty and cosmetology. Whether it is the shape and colour of your brows, or the length and thickness of your lash hair, you are always exploring options to enhance their look and stay on-trend. However, did you know that lashes and brows serve a purpose greater than enhancing your beauty and non-verbal communication?

Read on to know how your eyebrows and eyelashes play a significant role in maintaining healthy vision, and how you should care for them.

Why Is the Hair Around Our Eyes Important? 

If you are driving or walking against a strong glare without your sunglasses, have you found yourself raising your cheek bones, creasing your brows and squinting your eyes? While that is a natural reaction to block out the direct light, your brows and lashes are also helping you to counter the glare and see as clearly as possible. In addition to this: 

  • The curved or arched shape of your brows, along with the direction of the hair helps to keep most of the unwanted moisture from trickling down to your eyes, especially when it’s raining, or if you break into a sweat during an intense workout. 
  • The delicate hair of the brows sits just above your eyes and helps to keep your vision clear by filtering out dirt and dust.
  • Your eyelashes try to prevent airborne debris, dirt, dust and foreign bodies from entering your eyes. With their highly sensitive reflex response, they cause you to blink and create a barrier that protects your vision.

In fact, studies have proven that eyelashes act as air filters, protecting the eyes from potential infections and injuries, while also keeping them adequately lubricated. 

How to Care For Your Eyebrows and Eyelashes

With plucking, threading or waxing, your eyebrow hair may take months to grow out. However, eyelashes regrow and replace themselves in a matter of weeks, in case they fall out or get pulled out. Certain illnesses, such as madarosis, distichiasis, blepharitis or trichiasis, may cause your lashes to thin out or completely disappear. Hence, it is important to care for this facial feature and seek treatment for any skin or hair conditions in a timely manner. 

If you have any health concerns regarding your eyebrows or eyelashes, feel free to speak to your Arbour Lake eye doctor at Crowfoot Vision. Not only do we have the equipment and expertise to offer the most advanced and comprehensive vision testing, our team of knowledgeable optometrists can also guide you in keeping your lashes and brows in good condition to protect your eyes. We always advise our patients to: 

  1. Wear quality makeup and carefully remove all eye makeup before sleeping at night.
  2. Be cautious about cosmetic procedures, such as eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting, waxing or threading. Go to a reputed and experienced esthetician who uses quality products and has a formal certification required for carrying out such treatments correctly and safely.
  3. Inculcate good eye care habits, by eating healthy, staying hydrated, reading or working with proper lighting, wearing sunglasses and using activity-appropriate eyewear, such as swim goggles or safety glasses as and when needed.
  4. Schedule regular eye exams to detect any early vision problems, and take preventive steps, or undergo necessary treatments to maintain healthy eyesight.

For all our eye care needs in Calgary, rely on the experienced optometrists at Crowfoot Vision. To book an appointment, call us at 403-241-3000 or complete this online contact form today.

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