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How Many Pairs of Glasses Should You Have?

The short answer? As many as you want! But, before going on a glasses shopping binge, here’s some information you’ll need to make the right choices for your own style and eye care needs.

Glasses for Style

Glasses aren’t all about function. They’re a big part of your look and personal style. Frames are available in tons of shapes, colours, and materials to suit your lifestyle, to complement your looks or to make a statement. Some things to take into account when choosing glasses include:

• Bright, bold colours and big frames are trending right now and can give your look a youthful refresh.
• Light metal frames are also popular and won’t distract from your eyes or other features you want to put forward.
• Many people keep an understated pair for work, a fun, stylish pair for going out, and prescription sunglasses for spending time outdoors.

Glasses for Sun Protection
Prescription sunglasses are great for many things, the most important being protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. They also provide many other benefits:

• They reduce the risk of developing cataracts.
• Constant exposure to bright sun can lead to ocular degeneration resulting in blurriness and vision loss.
• They’re a fashionable part of many outfits, adding a finishing touch with a function to boot.
• You can get prescription sunglasses and just wear them like you would your ordinary glasses which is much easier than trying to make up for the lack of prescription lenses or using clip-on shades.

Glasses for Function
Glasses made for specific functions, including sports gear, night driving, or progressive lenses that enable perfect vision at all distances and eliminate the need to swap between pairs.

• While playing almost any sport, ordinary glasses will get in your way. There are special glasses made for this purpose that are durable and designed to stay put.
Progressive lenses will help you see both far away and up close. This means you won’t have to change your glasses all the time.
• Polarized lenses are great for those who are sensitive to glare and bright light.

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