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How Your Glasses Are Adjusted

When it comes to buying new glasses, getting the right prescription and selecting your frames are integral steps. However, the way your glasses fit on your face is also important. Even if you’ve invested in high quality glasses from a reputable Calgary area optometrist, your vision, comfort and appearance can be impacted if your glasses aren’t properly adjusted.


If you look in the mirror and your glasses appear to be lopsided, they probably need to be levelled because your pupils aren’t at equal heights under the lenses. While this problem may seem purely aesthetic in nature, having crooked frames means that your eyeglasses aren’t aligned with your eyes, thus distorting your vision. We strongly suggest visiting our licensed optometrist who has the specialized tools and expertise to correctly level your eyewear.

Frame Height
To see correctly out of your glasses, they need to be resting on your nose at the correct height. After all, it’s important to make sure that your eyes are aligned with your lenses, especially if you have progressives.

A clear sign that your frame’s height needs adjusting is noticing that you’re looking through the reading part when you’re trying to see into the distance. An eyewear professional can diagnose the exact problem and remedy it effectively.

Nose Pads
Not all glasses have nose pads, but if your pair does, they also need to be adjusted. Ideally, your nose pads should rest evenly on the bridge of your nose. Otherwise, you’re at risk of red marks and discomfort in that area.

To determine if your nose pads are sitting well, position your glasses on your nose. Now, try tapping the corner of your frames. If your glasses move more than one to two millimetres on your nose’s bridge, the nose pads need to be adjusted to fit more securely.

While it’s possible to adjust the nose pads with a pair of needle-nose pliers, it’s better by far to bring them to an eye clinic and avoid potentially scratching the lenses or damaging the frames.

Adjust Your Eye Glasses with the Help of a Calgary Optometrist
Are your glasses not fitting well? If so, bring them in for an adjustment from an optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre in Calgary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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