Look & Feel Your Best with These Makeup Safety Tips

If you’re having a bad hair day or just want to look extra special, makeup is a great way to boost your feminine image. When used in proper amounts, makeup enhances your facial features and natural beauty. Of all facial features, they eyes are some of your greatest assets.

Use mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow together to enhance your eyes with classic poise and bold beauty. If the eyes are the window to the soul, they also are the key to lovely makeup techniques. Keep in mind, though, that your eyes are also delicate and vital organs.

Although makeup does great things, it can also cause serious eye infection and irritation. How can you find balance between fashionable and flawlessly healthy? Below are some specific dos and don’ts of makeup mastery.

Basic Makeup Safety Tips

Here are some basic things to avoid in your makeup routine:

  • Save makeup for long periods of time
  • Store or leave your makeup in warm places, such as a vehicle glove compartment
  • Share makeup with friends (or anyone)
  • Use iridescent or glittery cosmetics
  • Use harsh or irritating makeup removers
  • Mix and match lip/eye pencils
  • Put old applicators in new containers
  • Use saliva or water to thin out dry and clumpy mascara

When your makeup becomes cracked, dry, or clumpy, it’s time to call it quits. It’s also vital to use clean application tools, whether that be clean hands or new application brushes. If you prefer brushes or sponges instead of your hands, wash them each week with a gentle antibacterial soap. Change disposable sponges and makeup brushes often.

Makeup Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Many different factors contribute to eye irritations. But for women who use makeup as part of a daily beauty routine, it often turns out to be the culprit. You can prevent a variety of vision issues by keeping your makeup bag and routine fresh and hygienic.

If you wear contact lenses, you touch your eyes more often than those who don’t. Any time you reach up to touch your eye or adjust a contact, it presents an opportunity for bacteria transfer. For this reason, women who use makeup and contact lenses should always make sure to:

  • Insert contacts with clean hands prior to makeup application
  • Use hydration drops before makeup application
  • Remove contacts before makeup removal process
  • Refrain from makeup use if your eyes are dry or irritated

These small but simple steps will help keep your eyes free of makeup residue and bacteria. Of course, every woman should take care to keep their eyes healthy whether they wear contact lenses or not.

Makeup Storage & Replacement

Although not as obvious, the way you store your makeup influences its usability. It’s best to store cosmetics under 85° F to minimize the growth of unfriendly organisms (bacteria and fungi). After using, you should clean or wipe things off with a clean rag or piece of bathroom tissue. Tightly closing containers will also help your cosmetics stay clean and neat.

You wouldn’t ever drink expired milk, so why do so many women use expired makeup? Each type of cosmetic has a different lifespan, but eye products have an especially short safe usage period. Here are some basic guidelines for when to get rid of common cosmetics:

Foundation: 1 year for liquid, 2 years for powder

Lipstick/lip gloss: 2 years, or when color begins to separate

Blush: 1 year for cream blushes, 2 years for powder

Liner: 6 months for liquid liner, 1 year for consistently sharpened pencils

Eye shadow: 6 months for shadow cakes, 2 years for powder

Mascara: 3 months after opening

As you can see, products with liquid or moisture need more regular replacement. If there’s moisture, it means optimal growing conditions for fungi and bacteria. Overall, eye products have the shortest lifespan. This is because eyes are sensitive to infection and irritation, so require new and clean products. It may seem overly wasteful, but as long as you follow these throw-out dates, you’ll ensure clean and bacteria-free cosmetics.

Makeup Hazards to Avoid

Although there are many different and extreme ways to get the exact look you want, refrain from practices that can harm your eyes. These include:

  • Separating lashes with a pin or needle
  • Putting on makeup while driving or riding in a car
  • Heavy cosmetics to hide sties and other irritations
  • Sleeping in makeup
  • Using cheap false eyelashes

You can be sensible and stylish; the two aren’t mutually exclusive. When it comes to makeup practices, don’t do anything that could end in pain or a bad reaction. Cleaning your skin each night before bed will keep it smooth and free of breakouts. This practice will also protect your eyes from infection.

Fashion-forward women want healthy eyes because they make cosmetic enhancement even more effective. Purchase quality products as your old ones expire. Also, consult your local vision centre if you experience any problems.

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