Look Who’s Talking: Sunglasses as Statement Pieces

If your sunglasses could talk, what would they say? Would they echo the unspoken words of Oliver Goldsmith’s shades that Audrey Hepburn donned in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and shout, “chic!” or sing as they slide across the dance floor like Tom Cruises’ Ray-Bans did in Risky Business? Whether you wear Goldsmith, Wayfarers, or brightly coloured aviators, your sunglasses are making a statement.

Here’s what the shape and shade of your sunglasses say about you:


When it comes to sunglasses, black is the new … black? While black-coloured shades might cause some to yawn and snooze, in the right shape and style, black is actually très chic. If you prefer a cool, classic look, make the rest of your outfit stand out by wearing them with black sunglasses on.

Red sunglasses indicate you are confident and extroverted. To put it simply, you are the life of the party. Don’t be alarmed when strangers gather around you and ask for advice on fashion and fun – you have what it takes to lead a crowd and start a trend.

You aren’t afraid to take a chance and go for an understated boldness. White is daring (especially after Labor Day!), and most people will assume you aren’t afraid of letting your true colours shine. Here’s an idea: Help everyone else hop on board with your colourless trend. How? Consider having a P. Diddy-style party and inviting all guests to wear – you guessed it! – white sunglasses.

If you have a passion for bright fashion or are of the “anything goes” mentality, multi-coloured confidence looks good on you. Passersby will get the impression that you have a knack for mixing and matching. Keep on rocking those shades!

You don’t have to be one of The Beatles to pull off round frames. If asked, your round-framed sunglasses might say you’re “retro, laid back, and effortlessly chic.” There isn’t one type of person that dares to wear these frames, but there is definitely a type of personality that does. Round frames suggest you tend to go with the flow and aren’t afraid to stop and smell the roses.

If you are wearing a square frame, you probably like to get down to business. Square-framed sunglasses are simple, straightforward, and look good on nearly every face shape. If yours could talk, they might say you are a no-fuss person and are well-equipped (and adorned!) to get the job done.

Cat Eye
Wearing cat eye? You are the epitome of vintage glam. The cat eye frame is timeless and no matter what else you are wearing, passersby will see your unique sense of style. Whether you dress down or get all dolled up, people will see you as the versatile, fun-loving fashionista that you are.

As one of the most timeless styles out there, aviators look good on everyone. If you love the Top Gun look, aviators are the perfect fit for you. You are a style-Maverick and you know it!

Not everyone is up for mirrored sunglasses – so bravo to you! Mirrored frames are for those who are confident and comfortable being the center of attention. It’s hard to miss a set of mirrored-frame sunglasses or the confident person wearing it.

Hello, Jackie O! Oversized sunglasses have been in since Lady Jacqueline Kennedy took up residence at the White House. Since then, the popularity of this style has spread across the world. If you are a fan of an oversized shade, you are world-class. You like to take risks by avoiding trends and sticking with something that will never go out of style.

Funky is as funky does – you know how to get your groove on. Do your sunglasses look like they are from outer space? A horror movie? A toy store? If so, people might expect you to be daring; you are always in the mood for fun and adventure and don’t mind the shock value of your accessorized choices. As a modern risk taker, you like to interpret what it means to be “fashion forward.”

Whatever style you choose, wear it with confidence. Whether funky, fresh, or oversized and loud, sunglasses are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to make a statement.

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