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Myths about Contact Lenses for Children

For many adults and teenagers who, for various reasons, are tired of dealing with glasses, the obvious solution is to wear contact lenses instead. They’re a comfortable and convenient alternative. But at what age is it safe for someone to start using them? Can children wear contact lenses?

Dispelling Common Contact Lens Myths

The short answer is that contact lenses can be worn safely at any age. You want what’s best for your child’s vision care, so maybe the idea of contact lenses has you concerned. After all, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Here are some myths and facts to think about when considering contacts for your child.

1. Myth: Children’s eyes aren’t developed enough to handle contact lenses.
Fact: Children can physically tolerate contacts at a very young age after a brief adjustment period. The idea that contacts are painful or uncomfortable isn’t true. In fact, contacts have even been used in babies to correct congenital cataracts.

2. Myth: Kids will lose their contact lenses.
Fact: Unlike glasses, contact lenses stay put while children play, regardless of what the activity is. While playing rough or even running, eyeglasses can get bent, bumped off their face, broken or fogged up. This is both inconvenient and unsafe. Contact lenses are a much safer alternative, especially when it comes to playing and sports.

3. Myth: Children aren’t responsible enough to look after them.
Fact: Children as young as eight years old have been known to easily care for their contacts. With good hygiene and a responsible attitude kids can keep them in great condition. Often, a child will prefer contacts to glasses and this encourages them to put in the time and effort to care for their contact lenses.

4. Myth: A child’s prescription must be stabilized before getting contacts lenses.
Fact: Everyone’s prescription can change, and when that happens, they either get new glasses or lenses. Most children are prescribed single use disposable lenses. If their prescription changes over time, their next eye exam will pick up on this and a new batch of lenses will be made to reflect that change.

Children’s Contact Lenses in Calgary
At Crowfoot Vision Centre, we can help you find the best solution for your child’s vision and address all your concerns about contact lenses. Contact us today to book a consultation with an optometrist in Calgary.

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