Night Blindness: Understanding Symptoms and Knowing When to Get Help

Any changes in your vision can be startling and worrisome. If you experience difficulties seeing in low light or at nighttime, you may suffer from night blindness. This condition is particularly dangerous when driving at night, especially long distances, so if you notice you are having trouble, try to avoid being on the road after dark. Not sure what night blindness is? Talk to your eye doctors in Calgary to learn more and read the following list to see if any signs or symptoms sound familiar.

Symptoms, Causes and Solutions to Night Blindness

The following symptoms and causes are associated with night blindness. Seek assistance from an optometrist if you face the following symptoms and consider the tips below:

Difficultly Seeing and Adjusting to Different Lighting: 

If you find it takes you longer than most people, or longer than it used to take you, to have your eyes adjust in dark rooms, dim lighting, or outdoors at night, you may have poor night vision. Finding a seat in the movie theatre, keeping an eye out for friends in dim restaurants, and even seeing the stars on a clear night can become frustrating experiences for those who have night blindness.

Treatable Causes of Night Blindness: 

Some people’s vision issues are caused by treatable conditions that your optometrist in Calgary will be able to diagnose and assist with. These conditions include cataracts, vitamin A deficiency, and nearsightedness. 

Untreatable Causes of Night Blindness: 

Some causes are untreatable, including birth defects and retinitis pigmentosa. Unfortunately, your optometrist will not be able to offer solutions, but pay them a visit anyhow. An eye examination and conversation may result in some relief or assistance. 


Keep your home well-lit and consider carrying some sort of portable flashlight for navigating outdoors at night. Avoid driving a vehicle after dark unless you have been given approval by your eye doctor. Poor vision on the road can create a hazard for you and others, so do not take this condition lightly. 

Suitable Treatment for Your Night Blindness at an Eye Doctor in Calgary

Book your appointment today. Your optometrist will conduct a complete and comprehensive eye examination to determine the cause and proper course of treatment for your night vision troubles. If you find that your symptoms have suddenly worsened or are having a major impact on your lifestyle, contact Crowfoot Vision Centre as soon as possible. 

To receive an eye examination and find relief from your night blindness, speak with an eye doctor at Crowfoot Vision Centre today. Call us at 403-241-3000 to schedule an eye exam or contact us online with your questions about low-light and night vision problems.

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