Stop Squinting! Visit Your Calgary Optometrists to Limit Eye Strain

Squinting can be uncomfortable, tiring, and lead to unsightly wrinkles. Luckily, you don’t need to keep doing it if you receive the proper eye care at our Calgary optometry centre. Book a consultation or annual eye exam at Crowfoot Vision Centre today to find out if a change in your prescription or eye health could be causing you to squint more than usual. We can recommend a personalized treatment or vision correction solution so you can keep a neutral expression. No matter what activity you are doing or what kind of content you are reading, we want you to be able to do so with ease and eyes wide open. 

3 Reasons You Need to Take Squinting Seriously and Book an Eye Exam in Calgary

Consider these three reasons why it is imperative that you take your own or your family member’s squinting habit seriously and schedule an eye exam:

  • Changes in Eye Health: You may not notice you are squinting regularly until a period of time has passed or someone who knows you well points it out. Squinting is often an early sign of nearsightedness or farsightedness. Whether you have never worn eye glasses or often wear contacts, visiting an optometry centre will allow you to get a current prescription and end this habit. 
  • Wrinkles: The formation of wrinkles around your eyes and forehead can occur over time if you are continually furrowing your brow and narrowing your eyes in an attempt to see clearly. You don’t want fine lines and deeper wrinkles to develop and become the first thing people notice when they look in your eyes. Crowfoot Vision Centre can help keep you from developing crow’s feet. Stop them from progressing and developing faster than they need to by getting proper vision care from optometrists in Calgary
  • Serious Issues: In some cases, squinting can be an indication of a more serious eye issue. Squinting is a symptom that may be associated with an eye injury or primary congenital glaucoma. While it is not likely, it is important to get checked to ensure you get the proper treatment and rule out all possibilities for the cause of your squinting.

Book Your Eye Exam at Our Calgary Optometry Centre Today

Schedule an eye exam in Calgary at Crowfoot Vision Centre to get a clear and comprehensive idea of your eye health. We offer treatment for patients of all ages and are happy to welcome new patients. From changing habits to vision correction, and treatment for eye infections and injuries, we offer all the services you need from trusted eye doctors.

Contact Crowfoot Vision Centre at 403-241-3000 to schedule an eye exam or contact us online to ask our optometrists about squinting or other vision care related concerns.

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