Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses For You?

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Most people who wear contact lenses use traditional, extended-wear lenses. However, daily disposable contact lenses are increasing in popularity, among both healthcare providers and the general population. They’re surprisingly beneficial and can be worn by almost anyone.

What Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

As can be deduced from their name, daily disposable contact lenses are single-use lenses that get thrown out at the end of each day. Every morning, you’ll use a brand-new pair. Remember that these are “daily” contact lenses; they’re strictly to be used during waking hours and should never be slept in.

Daily disposable contacts are less expensive that you might think, although, over the course of a year, the contacts themselves will end up costing you more than their extended-use counterparts. However, this is counterbalanced by the fact that you end up saving big on contact cleaning products.

What Are the Benefits?
The benefits of using daily disposable contact lenses to correct your vision are two-fold. First of all, they’re super convenient, thanks to the fact that you eliminate contact lens care entirely. They’re also much better for your health. This is because the lenses don’t have the opportunity to accumulate deposits of protein, calcium and lipids the way that extended-use contacts do. In sum, you’ll save yourself time by doing away with contact cleaning and upkeep and save yourself worry by reducing the risk of eye problems.

Who Is a Good Candidate?
You should definitely consider daily disposable contact lenses if you’re not the type to be diligent about cleaning your extended-use contacts. If you often find yourself forgetting to clean them or wearing them overnight to avoid the hassle of doing so (a very bad idea), you may want to switch to this more convenient option.

In the end, however, it’s your prescription that determines whether or not you’re a good candidate for daily disposable lenses. Your eye doctor can tell you if they’re manufactured for your particular type of prescription. If so, you’re good to go.

Get Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Calgary
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