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For many people, contact lenses are a preferable alternative to prescription eyewear. They provide the same corrective benefits as glasses without the risk of breaking or losing them. Contact lenses also eliminate the issue of foggy or smudged lenses.

Bausch + Lomb, a leading contact lens manufacturer, offers a range of well-known brands and versatile vision care options. Here are some of the conditions their products can correct.


This common condition, also known as myopia, affects a person’s ability to see objects from a distance clearly. Nearsightedness is the result of an elongated eye shape that causes light rays to bend incorrectly and land in front of the retina rather than on it.

Bausch + Lomb offer a variety of disposable and reusable contact lenses that correct nearsightedness by refocusing light rays onto the retina. Many of these products, by brands such as SofLens and PureVision, are designed for maximum comfort and clear vision even in low-light conditions.


This condition, also known as hyperopia, affects a person’s ability to see close objects clearly. Farsightedness occurs when the eye is too short, but it can be easily corrected with prescription lenses that redirect light onto the retina rather than behind it.

Bausch + Lomb carries several brands, including Biotrue and PureVision2, that produce easy-to-use contact lenses combine comfort, breathability and visual acuity. These products can greatly reduce ocular fatigue and headaches caused by strain.


This condition is very similar to farsightedness in that it makes it difficult for a person to perceive close objects clearly. However, presbyopia is an age-related condition caused by a loss of elasticity on the lens of the eye.

Bausch + Lomb offer PureVision and SofLens multi-focal contact lenses that provide a convenient and comfortable alternative to bifocals and reading glasses.   


This common condition is caused by an asymmetrical cornea, which is the clear outer layer of the eye. A person with astigmatism experiences blurred or distorted vision for close objects and those at a distance because the light entering the eye doesn’t focus on a single point on the retina.

Bausch + Lomb offers PureVision toric contact lenses uniquely designed meet each person’s vision correction needs. They also carry SofLens and PureVision2 products that boast stable, clear vision even in low-light conditions.

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