Need New Sunglasses? Choose Maui Jim

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With summer closing in, many people are starting to think about investing in a new pair of prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

If you’re not sure which brand you should choose, consider Maui Jim. Created on the beaches of Hawaii, these sunglasses are among the best options for protecting your eyes.

The Mau Jim Lens Difference

Maui Jim sets itself apart with the PolarizedPlus2 lens technology used on every pair of sunglasses they make. Their lenses do much more than shield your eyes from the sun. In fact, they enhance the colours of the scenery around you.

The patented technology is available in four different colours that are all perfectly suited to different conditions. Furthermore, the company offers lenses made from multiple materials that offer top scratch and shatter resistance and clarity without feeling heavy. Every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses offers:

  • They eliminate glare: Glare happens when too much light enters your eye, making it harder to see details and colours around you. Maui Jim lenses eliminate virtually all glare, even in the brightest conditions. Their lenses also have an anti-reflective treatment on the inside, blocking light and glare from behind.
  • They enhance colours: While most sunglasses simply darken and dim your vision, Maui Jim’s enhance it. Their lenses are infused with a proprietary blend of rare earth elements that allow you to see saturated and vibrant colours with more depth and contrast.
  • They protect your eyes: Maui Jim lenses block 100 per cent of harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes from long-term damage.
  • They can be made with your prescription: Maui Jim creates all their prescription lenses in their own facility. This allows them to make sure that the prescription lenses match the outstanding quality people expect from the company.
  • To find out more, simply visit your optometrist at an authorized retailer for a complete eye exam, and they’ll send your prescription to the company’s facility.
  • They look great: In addition to their superior lenses, Maui Jim offers over 150 frames, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Visit an Optometrist in Calgary to Try Your Options

Crowfoot Vision Centre is proud to be an authorized Maui Jim retailer. If you’re looking for prescription eyewear or high quality sunglasses, the experts at our Calgary eye clinic can help you choose the perfect pair. Call us today to make an appointment.