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Whether your wear contact lenses, have some sort of chronic eye problem, or just get dry eyes regularly, there are lots of different reasons for someone to need to use eye drops. Some people can get the drops in their eyes effortlessly and without thinking. If you don’t like the idea of putting things in your eye or have unsteady aim for some reason, however, it can be more challenging.

We at Crowfoot Vision Centre want our patients in Calgary and Arbour Lake to get the most out of their eye drop treatments, so they can keep their visits to the doctor at a minimum. That’s why we’re offering these five easy tips for using your eye drops correctly:

1. Preparing the process
If you wear contact lenses, you probably already know the importance of cleanliness when putting something in your eye. Hopefully, your optometrist in Calgary or Arbour Lake has already told you this but, if he or she hasn’t, you should always keep anything that comes in contact with your eye very clean. That goes for both the eyedropper itself and your hands. Keeping these clean will help ensure that no bacteria are transferred to your eyes in the process of using your drops.

2. Getting the right angle
Before you actually use your dropper, think about the angle at which the liquid will hit your eye. If you simply tilt your head back slightly, you’ll probably be presenting an inclined plane to the dropper, which might make the drop ricochet off your eye. Many people find it helpful to lie down flat to make a (roughly) flat surface for the drop to hit.

3. Making a target
In the corner of your eye, your eye ducts have little openings that lead to your throat. In order to keep the liquid from your dropper on your eye, press your (clean) finger to the duct for a few minutes to close it. Then, place a finger just below your eye and pull the lid down to create a kind of pocket between your lid and eyeball to catch the drop.

4. Getting the drops to your eye
If you don’t have steady hands, you can rest your wrist on your face to help steady your aim. Try not to blink as you calmly squeeze the bottle. You’ll probably only need one drop to do the trick so it should be over quickly.

5. Keeping the drops on your eye
Once the drop is on your eye, it will need a little time to work. Slowly close your lids and press on your tear duct to trap the liquid under your lid. If you use multiple eye drops, be sure to wait a little bit before doing the next one as the previous liquid might wash the next one away before it has time to work.

If you need contact lenses or more advice on how to properly use your eye drops in Calgary or Arbour Lake, contact an eye doctor at Crowfoot Vision Centre today. Our friendly staff will do everything they can to help you and your visual health.