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If you’ve recently gotten an eye exam from your optometrist in Calgary, it’s a perfect time to get a new pair of glasses. At Crowfoot Vision Centre in Calgary, we want all of our customers to get the glasses that make them see and look great. In order to choose a great pair of glasses, you should keep in mind two important things: your face shape and your style.

Different kinds of glasses work better with different face shapes. The main shapes of the face are round, oval, and square. If you have full cheeks and a narrow jaw, you probably have a round or oval face shape. If you have a strong jaw or cheekbones, you’re probably square. If you’re unsure exactly what kind of face shape you have, don’t hesitate to ask your friendly optometrist in Calgary. He or she will be happy to give you an opinion.

To know which kind of glasses are right for you here are the seven main shapes of eyeglasses:

1. Square
Square frames work best for people with oval or round faces. The strong angles will contrast with the natural shape of your head to give you an intelligent, chic look.

2. Oval
If you have a round face, you should avoid oval glasses. If you have a prominent, square jaw, however, they’ll look great.

3. Rectangle
A very popular choice around the year 2000, rectangle glasses are great for the same face shapes as square glasses but can be a bit more subtle of a look.

4. Round
If your face has strong contours, round glasses can soften your features and give you a nerd-chic style. These glasses were a famous favorite of John Lennon.

5. Cat-eye
These glasses tend to be oval in shape with a fun, upturned point at the outer end. Popular in the 1950s and 60s, these can be a bold look for anyone who wants to go retro with their look.

6. Aviator
Originally made for airplane pilots during World War II, these glasses are most popular as sunglasses. If you want to make a statement, however, they are equally great as eyeglasses.

7. Wayfarer
These are a variation on square glasses. Although, as the Aviators, Wayfarer frames are more typically used for sunglasses, in the past few years they’ve been a very popular choice for a vintage look.

No matter what your style or face shape is, if you’re in need of an eye exam or just looking for new glasses in the Calgary or Arbour Lake areas, contact us at Crowfoot Vision Centre today. Our friendly staff will help you find the glasses that best express your style.