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Contact lenses are an amazing modern convenience, which is why millions of people across the world wear them every day. Whether you are thinking about getting contact lenses or have used them for years, your optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre can discuss the best practices you should know. Proper care and hygiene are always important when you have contacts. We offer an impressive selection of contact lenses at our Calgary eye center, and we are always happy to assist you in making the best choices.

Separating Fact from Fiction on the Subject of Contact Lenses 

While many of the statements you might hear about contact lenses could be true, other assertions are probably not. Here are some of the top myths and facts you should know:

  • Myth: Contact lenses lead to infection. Contact lenses do not cause eye infections. When you care for them properly, wearing the lenses should not result in infected eyes.
  • Fact: Proper hygiene is crucial for contact lens wearers. You must implement good hygiene as a wearer of contact lenses. Wash and dry your hands prior to handling your contacts. Clean the lenses as instructed by your eye doctor. 
  • Myth: You can lose a contact lens behind your eye. Physically, this is not possible. The way that your eyelids are lined will prevent an object such as a contact lens from getting lodged behind one of your eyes. However, you certainly may feel as though contact has gotten stuck behind an eye. This feeling could manifest after you have rubbed your eyes vigorously or at great length. 
  • Fact: Your eyes need regular breaks from contacts. If you wear contact lenses on a routine basis, be sure to give your eyes a break every day. Get in the habit of taking your contact lenses out for a while during every 24-hour period. The most logical and convenient time to do this is when you are sleeping. 
  • Myth: Children should not wear contact lenses. Some people believe that kids should not wear contacts because doing so will affect their vision and eye development. Actually, children can safely wear contacts, but they should be taught how to take care of them. 
  • Fact: If you wear contact lenses, you should see your eye doctor regularly. Whether you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, you should visit your local optometry center on a routine schedule. When you have your eyes examined, your eye doctor in Calgary can check your eyes and vision for problems. This also gives your doctor an opportunity to see if your prescription needs to be changed.  

Wearing contact lenses can be a liberating experience. Do not believe everything that you read or hear about contacts. The best source of advice on contact lenses is your optometrist at Crowfoot Vision Centre

You are always welcome to consult us if you are shopping for contact lenses in Arbour Lake. You can call us at 403-241-3000 to book an eye exam and select the type of contacts suitable for your eyes and vision correction needs. You are welcome to visit our eye center in Calgary, or you can fill out our contact form for more information.