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If you visit our Calgary eye center as a matter of routine, you might sometimes wonder about all the eye conditions that exist. At Crowfoot Vision Centre, we hope that you may be free from eye pain, poor vision, and other health issues related to the eyes. However, many different eye conditions are experienced by individuals every day, and awareness plays a key role in inefficient treatment.

4 Common Eye and Vision Issues 

Catching problems early can be of help in combatting them. You cannot always detect potential eye conditions, but in many cases, various symptoms are apparent. If you notice the signs of an eye condition, be sure to contact our team and schedule an eye exam as quickly as possible.

This is a list of some of the most common eye problems, along with symptoms to look for, and treatment options:

  1. Eye Strain – In an age when every person in the modern world seems to utilize computers or at least some electronic screen-based device daily, it is not unusual that eye strain is as widespread as ever. Your eyes may become strained from reading, driving, and other activities that require them to stay focused for any length of time. If your eyes become sore or your vision often seems blurred, try to rest your eyes as much as you can. If the problem persists, book an eye exam so that your optometrist can check for underlying conditions, such as an imbalance of the eye muscles. 
  2. Presbyopia – Many people develop this condition as they age. It most commonly affects individuals over the age of 40. This issue generally leads to a reduced capacity to read or view objects that are close. Symptoms may include headaches or eye strain after reading, finding it increasingly challenging to read the small print, and the need to squint or hold printed materials away from the face in order to read them. Corrective lenses and surgery are two of the top treatments for this condition. 
  3. Dry Eyes – If you frequently suffer from dry eyes, you could have a case of chronic dry eye disease. This is another condition that may happen as you age. It is especially common in post-menopausal women. Dry eye disease is characterized by periods of intense dryness of the eyes, followed by symptoms that may include a feeling of scratchiness, excessive itchiness, or discharge. Treatments for this problem vary; from using artificial tears, to gently massage the eyes, to surgically closing the eye ducts.
  4. Cataracts – Cataracts are cloudy areas in the lens of the eye. You might have cataracts if you get blurry vision if colors begin to seem faded, if you start to find reading difficult, or if your vision begins to seem generally poor. When they are identified early enough, cataracts might be counteracted with glasses. If glasses do not work, surgery could be necessary.  

Many eye problems can occur in people, and you might even develop multiple eye issues over the course of your lifetime. Fortunately, the skilled staff members at Crowfoot Vision Centre are here to help. If you experience any unusual issues with your vision or your eyes, the best action you can take is to see your eye doctor in Calgary as soon as possible.

Schedule an eye exam in Calgary to ensure optimal eye health. Call us at 403-241-3000, or visit our eye centre at your earliest convenience. Also, please feel free to use our online contact form to reach us.