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Headaches can be the result of a variety of causes. Did you know that vision problem can lead to headaches? Even simple eye strain may result in recurring headaches, especially if other, underlying issues exist. Using prescription eyeglasses or other types of eyewear that is not accurately matching your vision can also cause fatigue, dizziness, and headaches.

If you are experiencing poor vision and headaches, it is time to visit your Arbour Lake optometry center. One of the experienced optometrists at Crowfoot Vision Centre will examine your eyes. This is the best way to explore the underlying problem, as well as address any resultant symptoms that arise, such as headaches.

Poor Vision and Headaches: Important Information from Local Optometry Professionals

Sometimes, compromised vision and chronic headaches seem to go hand in hand. In order to understand what may be happening to you, your first course of action might be to explore the topic a bit further. Then, be sure to stop by Crowfoot Vision Centre for assistance from a trained professional. You might need to start wearing corrective glasses as soon as possible. If you already wear eyeglasses, you may require a new prescription to update your lenses.

  • Eye Strain – One of the most common causes of headaches due to a vision issue is eye strain. This can result from spending many hours at a computer. The eyes must work harder to focus on the screen, and the outcome may be fatigued eye muscles. Your eyes might also feel dry. All of this can lead to blurry vision and headaches.
  • Farsighted Vision – You can manifest eye strain if you are farsighted and go untreated for that. When you feel as though you are struggling to focus on objects that are near to you, you likely have farsighted vision. This condition is treatable with corrective glasses, so there is no need to suffer from strain and aching due to lack of treatment. By getting a timely eye exam, you can identify the problem and see clearly again. 
  • Presbyopia – This condition typically occurs after the age of 40. If you begin having trouble reading or seeing objects that are close to you, you probably are experiencing presbyopia. This can be easily fixed with a pair of reading glasses. If you continue to try reading without them, you will find that your eyes must work progressively harder. Headaches will likely result, as well. A trip to the eye doctor can provide the relief you need.

Have you been suffering from eye strain or other vision problems? That probably means it is time for an eye exam at Crowfoot Vision Centre. We will help you manage your vision, so you can eliminate the discomfort of eye strain and headaches. Our staff members are knowledgeable and experienced, and we are always delighted to assist patients in matching the right eyewear with their needs.

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