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The ability to see clearly at any distance is invaluable. If you have trouble reading and require eyeglasses to correct that issue, progressive glasses could be the perfect solution for you.

It is not unusual to begin losing the ability to read without glasses, especially after the age of 40. You might already have acquired a pair of reading glasses to manage this condition. What you may not realize is that eventually, you could lose the capacity to see things clearly from other distances, as well. This is one of the reasons that progressive lenses are prescribed for users entering their 40s or experiencing a weak vision. 

If you have recently become aware of a progression in vision problems, it may be time to speak to a professional for solutions. Our optometrists in Calgary can help you find the lenses that meet your needs. 

The Benefits of Progressive Lenses

How exactly do progressive lenses work, and how do they benefit the user? Here are some facts you should know about this type of eyewear: 

  • Nearby Objects: As people age, they may start to find it challenging to read or see nearby items clearly. This is due to a common condition known as presbyopia. Once this issue starts manifesting, you will not regain your ability to read and see as you once did without glasses. Do not be alarmed by this. By using a pair of the right lenses, you will be able to read and see nearby objects without straining your eyes. 
  • Mid-Range Vision: Another issue that may arise is a decreasing capacity for viewing items clearly at mid-distance. This can be particularly troublesome when you are attempting to read your computer screen, for example. Progressive lenses enable you to see things at both close and mid-range distances, as well as distances further away. 
  • One Pair of Glasses: When you have problems seeing clearly at various distances, wearing multiple pairs of glasses to meet different needs is not practical. Progressive lenses provide you with the freedom to see from a range of distances without using more than one pair of eyeglasses to do it. 
  • Visual Appeal: In the past, the only choices available for people who lost their vision with age were bifocals and trifocals. These lenses have lines on them. Progressive lenses provide a corrective option without lines on the lenses. Many individuals feel that this feature makes their glasses more visually appealing. 

If you have trouble seeing at close distances, intermediate distances, and even objects that are further away, talk to your eye doctor about progressive lenses. You can come in for an eye exam to find out what kind of eyewear is best suited for your vision. Once you know that, we will help you explore the options. Crowfoot Vision Centre offers a wide variety of lenses and frames to suit the different needs and preferences of our customers.

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