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Summer is here and with that comes longer days and more hours exposed to direct sunlight. While you should protect your eyes year-round, summer is one of the most important times to find sunglasses that offer protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
Three Reasons You Need Proper UV Protection in Your Sunglasses

Garden variety sunglasses will not do. Instead, you need sunglasses that offer UV protection (which is often listed on the label). Sunglasses improve your vision and style, but also protect your overall eye health. Because sun exposure on a daily basis puts you at higher risk for eye disease and complications, having even just one pair of UV-rated glasses can reduce your risk.

If you do not think investing in UV-rated sunglasses in Calgary is worth it, here are three reasons to reconsider:

  1. They Protect You from Eye Sunburns - Yes, your eyes can become sunburned too. Also known as photokeratitis, this painful condition can occur with just short UV exposures. It includes an extreme sensitivity to light, gritty sensation in your eyes and even tearing.
  2. It Helps Keep Eye Conditions Away - From cataracts to other damage, sunglasses with UV protection can prevent visual impairments that happen because of age or overexposure. Also, UV-rated glasses can help prevent the onset of macular degeneration, an eye condition that damages your retina and eventually leads to vision loss.
  3. They Reduce Your Risk for Cancer - Just like sunscreen on your skin, UV protection for the eyes can prevent you from eyelid cancer. Because the skin around your eyes is delicate and thinner, it is even more important to protect it from damaging UV rays. Any pair of sunglasses is not enough; you need frames and lenses that are big enough to cover the entire eyelid.

Are you worried about UV exposure this summer? Crowfoot Vision Centre carries a full line of UV-rated sunglasses. Visit an optometrist in Calgary today for an eye exam and find the right sunglasses for your eyes just in time for summer. Call us at (403) 241-3000 to schedule an eye exam or contact us online with your questions and concerns.