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Safety is a big concern on Halloween, when many people take to the dark streets and must be careful to watch out for cars. Halloween also comes with some very serious risks to eye health. Thankfully, you can have a good time and keep yours and your children’s eyes healthy this Halloween by sticking to these 5 simple tips:

  1. Carefully store and apply false eyelashes
    False eyelashes must be stored in a clean area, or they may become home to harmful bacteria. Be careful when applying them as well, as you don’t want any adhesive to make contact with the eyes.
  2. Refrain from using masks
    Masks that cover the eyes or obscure vision are best left at home. They can make it much more difficult to cross the road and to avoid the numerous tripping hazards that tend to be on the ground during Halloween.
  3. Keep face paint away from the eyes
    Face paint can be a good alternative to masks, but only if it is hypoallergenic and kept well away from the eyes. Other than real eyeliner and eyeshadow, all other makeup and paint should be kept away from the lid and lash line.
  4. Steer clear of pointy props
    Pointy costume props can pose a serious poking hazard to the eyes. Instead of using knives, swords, or wands made of hard plastic or metal, consider using a soft, flexible material that looks enough like the real thing but won’t take your eye out!
  5. Avoid over-the-counter costume contact lenses
    The number one risk to eye health on Halloween is over-the-counter costume contact lenses. Contact lenses are a medical device and should never be worn without first seeing an eye doctor, having an eye exam, and getting a prescription. Using cosmetic lenses without a prescription can lead to infection, swelling, pain, corneal scratches, and even a loss of vision.

If coloured lenses are just what you need to make your costume perfect, then make sure you first book an appointment with an optometrist. Crowfoot Vision Centre is an optometrist in NW Calgary that can ensure your contacts are the right fit and right prescription for you. We will answer any questions you may have about Halloween eye health so that you can have a fun and worry-free time.