Contact Lenses For Adolescents

Contact Lenses For Adolescents: At What Age Can They Start?

In today’s social media world of the ‘perfect’ post, looks and style can have an impact whether we like it or not and no group is more susceptible to these social pressures than teens. If your teen has less-than-perfect vision due to astigmatism, near- or far-sightedness - when it comes to determining which method of vision correction is best for your teen’s eyes, Crowfoot Vision Centre has the stylish solutions you’ve both been looking for. If you’re that teen, today you can choose between contemporary frames, as well as contact lenses.

It’s a question our professionals serving residents of Northwest Calgary get asked frequently in exploring the different vision care options available with parents - can teenagers wear contact lenses? The simple answer is, yes. According to “All About Vision”, a website was launched in January 2000 to provide consumers with an unbiased source of trustworthy information on eye health and vision correction options, “there is no age limit: babies can wear them, and so can seniors. Many eye care professionals begin to encourage contact lens wear at age 11 to 14.”

Our vision centre optometrist in Calgary provides contact lenses that can offer a number of social and vision benefits to teens including helping teens feel greater self-esteem, more self-confident about their appearance, and more at ease around others, as well as providing an advantage for active teens who play sports.

The real issue for teens is not age, but whether they are responsible enough to wear and care for contact lenses properly. Cleaning regimens require a multi-purpose solution and a case with daily disposable needing neither because the lenses are tossed in the trash at the end of each day, making them a great vision correction option for most teens. For contacts that do require care, many eye care practitioners report that teens and children are more diligent about cleaning their contact lenses as young people are more careful about following directions given them by a medical professional. Contact lenses are very safe if cared for properly.

Parents, teens, and their eye doctor must make this decision together. By law, you need a prescription in order to purchase contact lenses and they must be fitted by an eye care practitioner, who will write a prescription for the proper size, shape, power, and brand of lenses. A contact lens fitting is usually performed as part of a complete eye exam and will include a series of tests for depth perception, near and distance vision, and glaucoma. This is also your chance to take advantage of your Crowfoot Vision Centre optometrist’s expertise to answer all your questions, even if you think some of your questions may be trivial.

Crowfoot Vision Centre is dedicated to making the world a clearer place for all our patients, young and old. All of our patients in Northwest Calgary who are new to wearing contact lenses will be offered an instructional session to teach you how to insert, remove, and safely maintain your contacts to ensure you find the right cleaning solution, moisturizing treatments, and contact lenses for your eyes. For more information on teens and contacts, customized lenses or a comprehensive ocular health and vision exam, call Crowfoot Vision Centre at 403-241-3000 today.

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