Progressive lenses in Calgary Alberta

Getting Used to Progressive Lenses

If you have recently been prescribed progressive lenses, you have likely experienced problems seeing objects that are nearby. You probably also have trouble seeing things from a mid-range distance. When you must struggle to read or view objects clearly from various distances, progressive lenses make a logical choice.

Wearing these eyeglasses comfortably is not always a matter of simply slipping them on. You might need to take some time to adjust to your new lenses. Once you have learned how to use progressive lenses effectively, you will be able to enjoy the advantages they offer. The team at your Calgary optometry centre can help you make these adjustments easily. 

Tips from Your Calgary Optometrists: Wearing Progressive Lenses
No matter how uncomfortable you might be with your new glasses initially, remember that you will ultimately reach a satisfying level of comfort. Like any new product that you wear on your face, you may need some time to become accustomed to your new progressive lenses. Here are some tips on learning how to wear these eyeglasses: 

1. Explore the Components – First, you should become familiar with the various parts of these glasses. The top section of each lens helps you to see things from a far distance. The middle section is used to view objects at a mid-range distance. The bottom part of the lenses enables you to view things clearly when they are nearby, such as when you are reading a book.

2. Wear Your Glasses Frequently – Especially at first, you should wear your new eyeglasses frequently. Doing this will enable your eyes to become accustomed to them. As you progress through your daily routine, practice viewing things through the different parts of the lenses. You might need to rely on one section of the lenses more than the other sections. Instead of moving your pupils, you will need to move your head. If you cannot see very well initially or need to practice using your glasses, make sure that you do not drive during this time period.

3. Caring for Your Eyeglasses – Taking good care of your glasses will help you get used to them faster. If they become damaged, you will find it more difficult to use your lenses effectively. Store your glasses in their case when you are not wearing them. Do not allow them to touch any surfaces or objects that might scratch them. Clean them with a soft cloth, and make sure they are slightly wet when you clean them. 

Progressive lenses can help to restore your vision. You do not need to suffer and struggle to view objects from various distances. It might be a little while before you can wear these lenses comfortably. Talk to the optometry team at Crowfoot Vision Centre. If we book you in for an eye exam and prescribe progressive lenses, you will simply need to adjust to them. After you do, you will be able to see clearly once again.

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