Here’s 5 Makeup Tips to Keep You Looking Glam in Glasses!

Depending on their thickness and type, glasses can change the appearance of your eyes by making them look smaller or larger. They can also cast shadows on your face, making you look tired. The right makeup application, though, can fix those problems – it's just a matter of a little know-how.

Five Tips for Glasses-Ready Makeup

1. Brows

You may notice that your glasses cover most of your brows, maybe with just the top peeking out. But that's not permission to get lax with shaping your brows. The clean lines of your glasses will only make unkempt brows look even messier, so it's important to keep your brows neat and tidy.

It also helps to use product to get even cleaner brow lines. A brow pencil or powder applied with a fine brush can fill in any thin spots. Just be sure to get the same colour as your brows, or maybe a shade lighter. You can also use gel and a stiff brow brush to comb your brows into shape – use very little gel and brush up, then over. This can give you picture-perfect brows that last all day.

2. Under-Eye

Glasses can cast shadows on and around your eyes. This can make tired eyes look darker, bags look bigger, and wrinkles more pronounced – the exact opposite of what you want! You can counteract this with concealer and a little sparkle.

Get a good coverage concealer with a slight yellow undertone if you have under-eye circles, and apply it in strokes that go downward away from your eye. Following the line of the eye horizontally will only emphasize bags because it emphasizes the contour of the bags. A small amount of light-reflecting powder under your eyes can also help, making your eyes look brighter and not dark.

3. Eye Shadow

Glasses can also cast shadows on the top of your eye, so it's important to choose the right shade of eye shadow as well. Avoid purple or reddish shadows, as these will only look like shadows and not like makeup.

For every day, a light shadow such as peach, gold, or (for darker skin) mushroom will help your eyes look bright and awake. Of course, you can always go without for a natural look.

4. Eyeliner

Wearing glasses, especially rimmed glasses, can take the emphasis off your eyes and onto your glasses. This isn't a bad thing, but you can draw more attention to your eyes with good eyeliner technique. Try to match your eyeliner with the colour of your glasses frames. If you have something really fun, like red frames, try for something neutral. Navy blue and dark brown are good choices for a neutral liner that will bring attention to your eyes. Gel and liquid eyeliners will give you a more precise line than pencils and are just as easy to apply.

When you use eyeliner, try to make a thin, even line as close to the base of your lashes as possible. A cat eye is best, but a straight line works as well. Don't use eyeliner on your lower lid, as this can emphasize shadows and make your eyes look small. If you must, use a nude or light coloured pencil to create an even outline under your eye.

5. Eyelashes

If you have long eyelashes, or if your glasses sit close to your face, then your eyelashes may touch your glasses. This is especially annoying when you blink, and can leave smudges or streaks on the inside of the lenses. To prevent this, you'll first need to curl your lashes.

Lash curlers come in lots of shapes and types – try a few out or ask a makeup consultant which would work best for you. A good lash curler should curl all your lashes at once, even the ones in the corner. Good curling technique involves getting the curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible and pulsing the curler a few times. If you want to take your lashes to the next level, you can move your curler to the middle of your lashes for a quick squeeze.

When you choose mascara, try to get one that is moisturizing or waterproof so it won't flake or streak on your glasses. Aim for formulas that thicken or add volume instead of lengthening to avoid having your lashes touch your glasses. And don't forget to get mascara that matches your eyeliner.

Wearing glasses doesn't have to be a fashion death sentence. Lots of celebrities wear glasses, and even fashion designers do! Knowing this should help you be more comfortable as you adjust to wearing glasses, and using these glasses-ready makeup tips help you keep looking gorgeous with your glasses.

Be sure to contact us at Crowfoot Vision Centre for more tips and tricks to keep you looking SPECtacular!

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