The Best Way to Clean Your Glasses

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In order to provide the best vision correction possible, eyeglasses need to be kept clean. In fact, without regular TLC, your lenses are likely to be grimy and will be at risk of getting scratched or nicked. But haphazard washing can also lead to them getting damaged. Here’s how to safely clean your eyeglasses.

1. Start with clean, dry hands
Before you begin cleaning your glasses, it’s important to ensure that your hands themselves are clean. If you have lotion, dirt or food particles on your hands, these things could easily transfer to your glasses, thus undermining the entire process of cleaning them.

We suggest washing your hands thoroughly with a lotion-free soap and then drying them on a clean towel. After your hands are dry, make sure that no lint has attached itself to your hands.

2. Wash your lenses
Now you’re ready to get started. First, turn on the tap and rinse your glasses in lukewarm water. This step will ensure that any lens-scratching debris is removed before you begin to polish your glasses.

Next, apply a drop or two of lotion-free dishwashing detergent to your fingertips. Rub the soap gently on both sides of the lens, the nose pads and along the frame. The goal is to remove every last bit of grease, dirt and dust that’s collected on your eyewear.

Finally, rinse your glasses thoroughly under the lukewarm water. Ensure that you remove all of the detergent to avoid streaking during the drying stage.

3. Dry and polish
It’s important to choose the right cloth for drying your glasses. We recommend a freshly cleaned, microfiber. Carefully pat dry every part of your glasses, paying special attention to the lenses. If any streaks or other marks remain, use the cloth to polish them.

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