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Did you know that, for children, 80 per cent of learning is visual? To make sure your child isn’t at a disadvantage when they begin school, it’s important that they have a comprehensive eye exam before they start the first grade.

To make sure every Alberta child gets the best start possible, the Alberta Association of Optometrists offers the Eye See… Eye Learn program to all kindergarten students. While Alberta Health covers the cost of eye exams for children until they turn 19, this program goes one step further by providing a free pair of glasses to any child who needs a prescription. Crowfoot Vision Centre is thrilled to participate in this important program.

How to Participate

To benefit from this program, simply make an appointment with your optometrist and tell them you want to participate in Eye See… Eye Learn. It’s open to all children from the September when they start kindergarten to the September they begin grade one. If your child needs a prescription, they’ll be provided with a set of high quality lenses and frames.


One in four school-age children have a vision problem and many are unaware that they have trouble seeing at all, since they have no reason to think that the way they see the world isn’t normal. Being unable to see the board properly will make it much harder for a child to learn. The goal of the Eye See… Eye Learn program is to make sure all Alberta children have the chance to succeed in school.

An eye exam can also help to detect other eye health issues such as strabismus (crossed eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eye). These problems are often treatable when corrected early but may cause permanent vision loss or other problems if left untreated.

Signs Your Child May Have Vision Trouble

While many visual problems in children can only be detected with a comprehensive eye exam, here are a few signs your kid may have trouble seeing clearly:

  • They have a short attention span for their age.
  • They dislike close or detailed work, such as drawing or playing with LEGO.
  • They turn or tilt their head to use only one eye.
  • They complain of headaches, dizziness and itching and burning eyes.
  • They have poor hand-eye coordination.

Looking for an Optometrist in Calgary?

If your child is in kindergarten or starting soon, bring them in to see our team of professional and experienced optometrists to ensure they’re ready to start school. Call our optometry centre today to make an appointment.