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Your Local Calgary Optometrists Discuss Eyewear

How often have you heard someone narrate a funny story about losing their pair of glasses on their own forehead, in the refrigerator, or someplace else, only to find it a few hours later? If you wear glasses, has a similar incident that happened to you? While that makes for a good laugh at family gatherings, you would have had a fairly stressful time until you actually found your glasses. Imagine how convenient it would be if you owned more than just one pair! Not only could you go about your business and find the original pair with less strain and stress, but you would also enjoy a bunch of other advantages by owning multiple pairs.

Why An Alternate Pair of Glasses Makes Sense

Sometimes you are compelled to own more than one pair of glasses due to differences in your near and distance vision. At other times, it is a matter of convenience and practicality in case you lose, break, or misplace your regular pair. Whatever your reasons, eyeglass wearers should not skimp on the additional pair of glasses. In an age where we own a range of other items in multiples, think of your eyewear like a wardrobe and each pair you own as an investment. Here are some of the reasons why you should own multiple pairs.

  • Sun Protection: Protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays is important. Even on cloudy, rainy or cold, winter days, the UV rays can still affect your eyesight. If your regular pair of glasses do not have transitional photochromic lenses, look at getting a pair of prescription sunglasses to wear each time you go outside.
  • Sports: If you play any sports without protective gear, you are risking long term degenerative eye diseases. You can wear sunglasses for outdoor sports, but the scratch, shatter, and UV resistance in sports eyewear is different from regular sunglasses. Whether you play an outdoor or indoor sport, make the smart move of investing in protective sports eyewear with prescription lenses.
  • Specific Occupation: When you are in an occupation where you spend several hours in front of computer devices and smartphones, your eyes are likely to feel stressed and strained. You may even experience a disturbed sleep pattern. Get a pair of computer glasses that incorporate a blocking filter to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light found in such device screens.
  • Fashion: Most of us indulge in multiple pairs of shoes, bags, and other accessories. Why not look at your eyewear as a stylish accessory and own multiple pairs to match different occasions, outfits, or moods? Eyewear frames come in a range of designer options, including shape, style, and colors. Make a fashion statement with frames that are best suited for your face shape and preferences. Here is a quick tip, try round frames for a square face, angular, narrow frames for a round face, and wider frames for an oval face.

Don’t be stuck without glasses or in an outdated prescription or in the same old look at all times. Meet with your trusted Calgary optometrists at Crowfoot Vision to understand how you can enjoy crystal clear vision in every activity you do. Our eyewear collection offers you a choice of frames, including exclusive designer labels and high-performance sports brands.

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