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Blog by Crowfoot Vision Centre

Your glasses are an essential investment if you have a less-than-perfect vision. After you’ve gotten your diagnosis from an optometrist and chosen your glasses at your local eye clinic in Calgary, your next job will be to keep your glasses safe from any damage. Losing or breaking them too often will get expensive quickly. We at Crowfoot Vision Centre suggest these four simple ways to help keep your lenses damage-free:

1. Be careful where you put them

Ideally, your glasses won’t be anywhere but on your nose or in their case. Whenever you put them anywhere else, the chance that they’ll be damaged immediately goes up. If your glasses are uncomfortable to wear for more than a little while, they may not fit you correctly. If you’re annoyed with your glasses, it may be time to go back to your Calgary optometry center for help.

2. Keep them clean
Keeping your glasses clean is essential to keep your vision perfect. That being said, not every cleaning method is great for your lenses. You should have a dedicated cloth and cleaning solution for your glasses. If you use any old rag or any washing liquid, there’s no telling if they will ultimately damage the lenses they’re supposed to clean. Any grit on a rag can scratch the lens and some cleaners may be too powerful and alter the precise shape of your glasses.

3. Avoid leaving them in the heat
Forgetting your glasses in a hot car seems like it wouldn’t matter very much, but your lenses are actually fairly sensitive to heat. Bending light in exactly the right way to correct your vision requires a very specific shape of the lens. Heat can change the lens, ever so slightly, and make it harder for you to see. Short blasts of heat should equally be avoided. Even opening a hot dishwasher or oven can contribute to a warped lens, requiring another trip to a Calgary optometry center.

4. A case for every occasion
One easy way to keep your glasses safe is to have multiple cases for your glasses. Having a dedicated case for your glasses at your home and job makes sense. Many people choose to also have one in their car to protect their prescription sunglasses as well.

If you need to visit an optometrist or get any recommendations on what style of prescription glasses is right for you, contact us today at Crowfoot Vision Centre in Calgary.